Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A for Apple

I do not know why I feel very tired today…I thought I am getting use to the pain on my back and shoulder, apparently I am not. This is the third week I am working in an apple pack house in Hastings. I never thought of being an apple packer can be that tough. Maybe I was too spoilt when I was a web developer. All I did was just sitting in front of a computer and typing on the keyboard. Now, I have to stand whole day arranging apples… Royal Galas, NZ beauties… I think this will be the time where I eat and touch the most apples in my life…

Friday, February 20, 2009


3 February 2009, Tuesday


今天两点四十五分我将会与莱玲乘搭飞机到奥克兰去。。。大约几个月前我鼓起了很大的勇气申请了纽西兰的Working holiday visa。那个时候的我工作已经到了瓶颈,非常厌恶每天一成不变的生活!多么希望可以在30 岁前到外面的世界看一看。

我刻意订了拜二的机票, 目的就是不想给家人及朋友添麻烦。更何况我只会去那短短的6 个月,希望可以潇潇洒洒的离开。。。