Thursday, May 31, 2007

Coffee Causes Migraine?

I am suffering from migraine again...Although it is not very severe, but it is really getting on my nerves!

My head was aching for the past few days. At first I thought maybe it is caused by my 4-months-old ear piercings and it really does scared the crap out of me...'Oh no, I had damaged my own nerves system by making a few holes on my ears...'. My 'cleverness' had led me to take out all my earings and yes, I was feeling ok for the last two days. So I was pretty sure that ear piercing was the culprit. But......

This morning when I was having my breakfast in my office's pantry, my colleague was making coffee and the aroma...was simply irresistible. So i decided to make myself a cup as well......And? After drinking the coffee, I ended up having a migraine again... So, what should I say? Ear piercing is innocent and the culprit is coffee? =) . As I also drank coffee for the past few days except for the two days when i was feeling ok.

I do not want to draw any conclusion easily this time. So, I have come out with a few possibilities:

1. Ear Piercing = Migraine
2. Coffee = Migraine
3. Coffee + Ear Piercing = Migraine
4. Coffee + Bread = Migraine
5. Coffee + Chewing Gum = Migraine
6. Coffee + Chewing Gum + Programming = Migraine
7. Coffee + Chewing Gum + Staring at the 17-inch monitor for a long time = Migraine
8. Coffee + A messy desktop = Migraine
9. Coffee + A lot of pending jobs = Migraine

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


According to The Free Dictionary, SALIVA is defined as the watery mixture of secretions from the salivary and oral mucous glands that lubricates chewed food, moistens the oral walls, and contains ptyalin.

I just found out the correct way to spell this word. All the while, I thought it should be spelled 'slyver' or 'sliver'...Stupid me!!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

If Monday = Blue, Then Friday = ?

Time flies...It is Friday again!

Plan to spend this weekend with two of my best friends in Melacca has been cancelled...Reason? The hotel that we intended to stay is fully booked. When I knew that we can't even get a room in that hotel, I was kinda shocked...Is Melacca that famous until people are making a bee-line there? Only then i discovered it is because of the school holidays.Sigh...At first we thought last minute booking will be fine as if the hotel is owned by our fathers...=) [The morale of this story: Never ever wait until the eleventh hour.]

Never mind then, we still have backup plan...Going for 'Shabu-shabu' on Saturday night, sounds great, doesn't it? ...This plan fails as well...Why? As one of my friend is going off to UK next week and she needs to go back to her hometown to get things settled as well as spend some quality time with her family and friends...

Still never mind then...I still have a second backup plan. My parents and brother are spending a couple of days in KL, so I am scratching my head now on where to bring them...I think mayb I should bring my mom for a shopping treat as she always complained to me on how she had to hurry herself when going for shopping with her husband(My dad)...=)

Hey mom, we can shop till we drop this weekend....=)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

First Ever Reader...A VIP

Below are the conversations between me and my cousin over the msn on this lovely Tuesday morning.

Sinh: yo, what's up?!
me: hey, guess what? i start to BLOG!
Sinh: what blog?
Sinh: OMG, so cool.
me: i know it is...hehe
Sinh: yiu, be modest.
Sinh: when did you start that?
me: just now...
Sinh: just now? Are you off 2day?
me: no...just now before 9 a.m. while I was having my breakfast.
Sinh: cool...what makes you start that?
me: i think I can write well...
me: haha...
me: is this reason good enuf?
Sinh: ......
Sinh: too good...
Sinh: make me speechless...
me: lol......
Sinh: good stuff! Remember to keep me up to date.

A very encouraging response from the first ever reader of my blog...*Sob...sob....Thanks Sinh!!

Grand Opening...

Even though there is no ribbon cutting ceremony...but i am proud to announce that my blog - ta ta ta ta - [i'm a bloGger] is officially 'launched' =)

As usual, i will get excited by having new handphones, new hair cuts, new watches, new books, new shoes, new dresses...and now, new blog!

Oh...Can't wait to start BLOGGING......