Thursday, May 31, 2007

Coffee Causes Migraine?

I am suffering from migraine again...Although it is not very severe, but it is really getting on my nerves!

My head was aching for the past few days. At first I thought maybe it is caused by my 4-months-old ear piercings and it really does scared the crap out of me...'Oh no, I had damaged my own nerves system by making a few holes on my ears...'. My 'cleverness' had led me to take out all my earings and yes, I was feeling ok for the last two days. So I was pretty sure that ear piercing was the culprit. But......

This morning when I was having my breakfast in my office's pantry, my colleague was making coffee and the aroma...was simply irresistible. So i decided to make myself a cup as well......And? After drinking the coffee, I ended up having a migraine again... So, what should I say? Ear piercing is innocent and the culprit is coffee? =) . As I also drank coffee for the past few days except for the two days when i was feeling ok.

I do not want to draw any conclusion easily this time. So, I have come out with a few possibilities:

1. Ear Piercing = Migraine
2. Coffee = Migraine
3. Coffee + Ear Piercing = Migraine
4. Coffee + Bread = Migraine
5. Coffee + Chewing Gum = Migraine
6. Coffee + Chewing Gum + Programming = Migraine
7. Coffee + Chewing Gum + Staring at the 17-inch monitor for a long time = Migraine
8. Coffee + A messy desktop = Migraine
9. Coffee + A lot of pending jobs = Migraine


jade chopstick said...

Luckily I'm not really a fan of coffee... But I was thinking to pierce my ear... hmm... beta think twice lor... Ask u to eat apple everyday ady mar, dun wan listen lar...

~The Mighty Blogger~ said...

Haha...An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Jeremy said...

I don't drink coffee, and I do not like the smell of it. When I am around brewing or freshly ground coffee, I get terrible migraines... my tongue even seems to swell a bit.