Wednesday, April 23, 2008



Road Maniac

I have some really bad experiences on the road these days.

When I was driving to work this morning, I encountered a mentally-ill or I would say mentally retarded motorcyclist!

This was how it happened……When I was on the second lane and about to make my way to the third lane, I looked at my side mirror and saw one motorcycle which were 5 to 6 cars behind and it was moving slowly on between the second and third lane. So without hesitation, I put down the right signal and shifted to the third lane. I was on the third lane for about more than 10 seconds…Please allow me to make myself CLEAR…it was more than 10 blardee seconds!! I did not shift to the third lane out of a sudden, and suddenly my car got hit from behind. I was so shock and I thought it was the car behind me that hit me, but to my holy surprise, it was the motorcyclist!!! I can’t believe that idiot hit me on purpose!! When I looked behind, he was still holding his hand up and yelling like a maniac…and then just sped off like that!!! I didn’t even have the chance to take down his motorcycle’s registration number as it was so jammed that time…

I was so pissed off and so wanted to yell at him: Hey you, son of the b****…you do not feel happy to have to wake up early in the morning to go to work!!! NEITHER DO I! So don’t release your f***ing stress on my car!!! 你有压力, 我有压力! Who cares……? !

I was cursing the idiot all the way to my office…The first thing I do after I parked my car in the office’s parking lot was to check the back side of my car… Thanks god,my car is not damaged, only a few minor scratches on the bumper…

The second incident happened last Saturday when I was sending my friend home. The friend of mine is staying in those flat-like apartment, when I gave the signal and was about to enter one of the available parking lot, out of the sudden, a motorcyclist, yes believe me, is another MOTORCYLIST! Sped and just stopped near the driver seat of my car and he was banging on my window and by just looking at his f***ing expression, I knew he was thinking is my fault…Blardee hell…he was the one who nearly bang on my car!!! I bet he has forgotten to bring his brain out with him that time! Or he had left his brain in the toddy shop!!!

The third incident happened I think on last Thursday or Friday night. A kancil driver was pointing his middle finger to me! Yes believe your eyes…Is the MIDDLE FINGER!

Arrrrrgggg….I think I should wash my car with pomelo leafs or maybe I myself should take bath with pomelo leafs…

Pray hard and for god sake, I would never ever meet another road maniac again…NEVER EVER PLEASE….

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


You, you and yourself! Is this the only thing you have in mind? If you can’t make them happy, at least don’t take their happiness away!