Friday, June 29, 2007

Mashi Maro

After working out for almost 1 hour in the gym yesterday, I took my shower and dried my hair as usual. When I was about to leave the gym, suddenly a lady approached me and asked: "Excuse me, may I know where did you buy your T-shirt?", with her finger pointing on the T-shirt I was wearing. My first reaction was like "huh? Is that anything wrong?".

The lady may had noticed I was a bit shocked toward her aggressiveness, so she explained: "I'm a super fan of Mashi maro, and I like your T-shirt so much!"...

Yeah! I was wearing a white T-shirt with a huge Mashi Maro printed at the back. Sounds cute, huh??...Actually I don't fancy Mashi maro at all and whenever I wear this T-shirt, I will use my back pack to cover up the huge Mashi Maro at my back...

She continued to ask me a bunch of questions like: "How much did it cost?", "Do you mind to get one for me and I will pay you back?", "You like Mashi Maro as well?"......

From our short conversation, I knew that she is really a super fan of Mashi Maro and she has lots of Mashi Maro collectables. I felt so sorry to tell her that actually I got the T-shirt from Pasar Malam a few years back and I certainly do not think it is still being sold in the market. She was so disappointed...Being kind hearted enough, I offered to give her the one I was wearing if she did not mind since I only wore it less than 5 times. She was so happy and even wanted to pay me back but I refused...Since it was not something valuable.

I promised to pass the T-shirt to her on Monday after I have washed it...And she said she will give me a little present in return as a note of appreciation...

This T-shirt means nothing to me but it seems very meaningful to this lady, so I am more than happy to give it to her...=)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Is A MAD MAD world...

Scenario 1:
Time: around 1.45pm
Date: 28 June 2007
Venue: At a shop nearby Bukit Bintang

A Chinese auntie is cleaning the walkway in front of her shop, she even tie a string around to avoid the public from stepping on it. Suddenly, an Indian lady accidentally steps on the pavement. The Chinese auntie yells at her: "Oi, talak otak ka? Mau kasi orang marah ah? Bodoh betul!"

Morale of this scenario: Be careful when you are walking, especially when you are walking on people's five foot way. If not you will be ended up being yelled like hell...

Question: Why the Indian lady is being labelled as 'bodoh' and 'talak otak'? Isn't 'Buta' or 'talak mata' sound more proper in this case?

Scenario 2:
Time: xxx
Date: xxx
Venue: In a bicycle shop in a small town called Tapah

A Malay boy is checking out the bicycle stickers which are hang infront of the shop. Then he asks A Chinese lady who seems to start staring at him since he enters the shop: "Auntie, ini sticker berapa?" The Chinese lady answers: "Dua ringgit, mahu ka?". The Malay boy answers: "Tak mahu lah auntie, lain kali aje lah...". Fire starts burning in the Chinese auntie's eyes...and finally she shouts : "Lu makan manyak kenyang kah? Tak mau bili lagi mau tanya tanya!"

Morale of this scenario: Never ever fool around with the shop keepers. Else...You will be ended up being scolded like hell...

Question: Is the saying 'Customers are always right' still can be used nowadays?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gimme A Break...

Who do you think you are to decide my future for me?

Who do you think you are to decide what I should do and what I should not?

Don't act that you know me so well, you are just no one from no where...

I really had enough of you, please get your ass out of my personal life and leave me alone!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What A Joke...


一辆Jaguar在高速公路行驶时看见一辆Kancil抛锚而停在路边。Jaguar司机便好心的申出援手, Jaguar司机:我把绳子绑在你车, 然后慢慢的拖到付近的车厂。如果我驾得太快,你便闪高灯好让我慢下来。Kancil司机:好的!谢谢你!

就这样Jaguar拖着Kancil在高速公路上慢慢的行驶着。。。。中途有一辆BMW在超越Jaguar时猛踩空油挑战 Jaguar。年轻的Jaguar司机忍不住气便与BMW飙了起来。。。已失去理智的两位' 车神'并没有察觉路边草丛里有位拿着车速感应器的交警。

Jaguar与BMW 越过了那位交警后,交警看了一看车速感应器的荧幕后吓了一跳,便拿起手中的对讲机与在前面设路障的同事报告:。。。。。。


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Perfect Match

  1. Burger + Coca-Cola
  2. Half Boiled Egg + Pepper + Soy Sauce
  3. Kaya + Butter + Bread
  4. Nescafe + Milo
  5. Cheese + Egg
  6. Mushroom Soup + Garlic Bread
  7. Dim Sum + Chinese Tea
  8. Sushi + Wasabi
  9. Chili + Crab
  10. Bak Kut Teh + Yao Zha Kwai
  11. Bacon + Egg
  12. Vanilla Ice Cream + Root Beer
  13. Toasted Bread + Kopi O
  14. Mayonnaised Tuna + Bread
  15. Soya Bean + Cincau
  16. Yogurt + Corn Flakes
  17. Chicken Porridge + Yao Zha Kwai
  18. Nasi Lemak + Fried Egg
  19. Roti Canai + Dal
  20. Maggi Mee Curry + Egg

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


An intelligence quotient or IQ is a score derived from one of several different standardized tests attempting to measure intelligence.

I came across a few so called "IQ questions", which made me laugh like a drain and I ended up puking blood...... =)

  • Q: 如果一个肥婆从 25 层楼 跳下, 她会便成什么呢?
  • A: 死肥婆

  • Q: 什么海鲜是残废的呢?
  • A: 龙虾, 应为它是"聋"的
  • Q: 肥仔多數姓什麼?
  • A: 「死」,因為通街都有人叫「死肥仔」
  • Q:白色嘅馬叫做白馬,黑色嘅馬叫做黑馬,白色+黑色嘅馬叫做斑馬,咁白色+黑色+紅色嘅馬叫咩馬呢?
  • A: 怕醜嘅斑馬
  • Q: 有一日, 小牛,小馬,小豬同小羊4個因為貪玩走去(7-11)偷野 ...點知俾看店舖的小虎捉住左...小虎好暴力咁打左小牛.小馬.小豬一身...但係冇打小羊?
  • A: 因為7-11從不打烊 (羊)
  • Q: 為甚麼黑人愛吃白巧克力?
  • A: 怕咬手指
  • Q: 印度人最憎用咩機器?
  • A: 打印機
  • Q: 黑社會最中意咩動物?
  • A: 斑馬

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Conquering Bukit Tabur & Celebrating My Birthday In The Heaven

Just taken my shower and feeling a bit refreshed, even though my head and legs are aching...Today had been a memorable and meaningful day for me.

My friends and I had conquered Bukit Tabur!! We really had a hard time making our way up the rocky mountain, we even need to perform rock climbing as steep as 90 degrees. But I think all our hardworks paid off because the sceneries at the top are really awesome...

We even had the chance to celebrate my birthday along our way up. I was a bit shock when one of my friend took out a muffin and candles from his bag... It was so special to celebrate birthday in such a way, with everyone sweating... =)

We spent about 6 hours for the whole climb, 2 hours more than as expected. Maybe because we spent quite some times posing with my birthday muffin and talking craps... :P

We were so exhausted at the end of the climb...everyone was starving and dehydrated. I was thinking of an icey cola all the way down the hill...The first thing we did after we completed our climb was chilling ourselves out with icey cola and hundred plus. I do not know hundred plus can taste that great before this... :P

I am really proud of myself, I had proved my determination, the willingness to take up new challenges and the most importantly, sacrificing my sleeping hours on a non working Saturday =) ... I am sure my friends have the same feeling as I do...Even though we were so exhausted at the end.

After torturing ourselves mentally and physically for about 6 hours, we cleaned up ourselves and headed to the curve, the last stop for that day... =) . Ahem...the main purpose of the last stop was to celebrate my birthday...We met a few friends there and had our dinner at the Heaven cafe...A few of my buddies joined us for a drink thereafter...I was so touched to have my friends around, even though it was 2 days earlier to my birthday...I would like to express my sincere appreciation to those who took the trouble to celebrate my birthday for me...Thank you so much...

Friday, June 8, 2007

An Anonymous Call...

I got an anonymous call yesterday on my mobile, at first I thought it must be my sister calling from China. But When I answered it, it proved that I was wrong...It was LL calling all the way from UK..... I was very excited to hear her voice!

We talked non stop about her life over there and I was laughing profusely when she told me about her silly act that almost got her to appear in the media headlines over there :P . We had a great time talking and laughing...I am really glad that she is slowly adapting to the life over there.

She is kind enough to promise to send me postcards and she also offer to get me some novels from those second-hand book stores over there...So kind of her!!

I had a good night sleep after talking to her yesterday...=)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Daniel Wu & Seiko

The new endorser of Seiko in Asia- Daniel Wu

I possess a seiko chronograph watch which i wear very often and the comments I used to receive are: "How come you are wearing such a huge watch?", "Is this watch yours?", "How come you are wearing a man watch?"...etc and etc...
Despite all these negative comments, I still like this watch of mine so much. I am wearing it almost all the time either to work or when hanging out with friends.
I think the main reasons I like this watch so much is that I do not need to strain my eyes when peeping the time and...It makes my meaty hand looks smaller with it attached. =) . Are these reasons good enough? No? Ok, ok...I will make my confession: I admit that I am not lady-like enough... :P

Friday, June 1, 2007

Bid My Buddy Farewell...

It is Friday again...Am I feeling happy? No...Reason? My best friend, LL is leaving for UK tomorrow. Am I feeling sad? Kinda... She is a very good listener and adviser of mine, I can pour out all my problems to her and in return, I will get good advices...

On the other hand, I am very proud of her. She can finally achive and fulfil her dream - pursuing her study...

Take care ya my friend! Wish you all the best in your future undertakings...