Thursday, June 7, 2007

Daniel Wu & Seiko

The new endorser of Seiko in Asia- Daniel Wu

I possess a seiko chronograph watch which i wear very often and the comments I used to receive are: "How come you are wearing such a huge watch?", "Is this watch yours?", "How come you are wearing a man watch?"...etc and etc...
Despite all these negative comments, I still like this watch of mine so much. I am wearing it almost all the time either to work or when hanging out with friends.
I think the main reasons I like this watch so much is that I do not need to strain my eyes when peeping the time and...It makes my meaty hand looks smaller with it attached. =) . Are these reasons good enough? No? Ok, ok...I will make my confession: I admit that I am not lady-like enough... :P


Who knows said...

I sent you daniel wu pic, post it lah..

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