Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dream comes true...

I always wanted to go to a wind farm after watching a Jacky Cheung’s music video when I was in Primary School…and my dream finally came true!

An Encounter

I happened to bump into a lady when I was in the bus on my way back from Wellington after spending my Easter weekend there. We clicked pretty well and we actually had quite a long chat.

She is 62 years old, and guesses what?! She is a programmer in a software house! Yes! A PROGRAMMER! You did not get me wrong! Frankly speaking, I did not expect that. Not at all! Well, I really did not expect to talk about ‘frame work’ instead of ‘house work’, and ‘reporting’ instead of ‘housekeeping’ with a granny.

She told me she was being redundant a few years back, then she took up a programming course in one of University for a year and she got her current job thereafter. I am really impressed by her experiences and her passions towards life. The saying ‘learning is a life long journey’ is so correct!

Kiwi Oh Kiwi

It has been such a while since I updated my blog. Well, what am I up to? I am now in Bay of Plenty, working as a grader in a kiwi pack house. The life here is so much different compared to the life I had in Hastings – well, what should we expect in a backpacker? People from different countries; speaking different languages; living different lifestyles. I specifically enjoyed the time when everyone were busy preparing dinner in the kitchen. The kitchen was like a United Nation, with people of different skin colors; trying their very best to cook their own meals. I have to admit that I actually picked up my tiny little passion on cooking here. I am sure my mom will be very delighted to see her lazy daughter cooking. I bet she will.

I am lucky enough as I am now home staying with a kiwi couple, and by so, I get to know how kiwis live their lives. The home stay I am now in is indeed a very nice and comfortable place; it gives me the feeling as if I am in a house in one of those fairy tales. The house is surrounded by flowers and trees; it has a small vegetables farm and not to forget a little house for the chooks.

We have breakfast together every morning, go for groceries shopping every Sunday, cooking nice meals on the weekends. After spending a few weeks here, I realize life actually can be as simple as that!