Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Snapshots of Cambodia I

^ The gang at the Siem Reap airport ^

^ My heart sank when I look at the conditions of these children...^

^ The monks^

^ Market ^

^ Books, Postcards, Anyone?^

^ The nuts seller and her little helper^

^ A little girl selling craft work^

^ A little girl with her pet^

^ Resting under the tree^

^ Chicken fetus^

^Grilled snakes...Crispy? Yummy? ^

^ Food stall^

^ Food stall^


jade chopsticks said...

Wow! nice pics there!

Especially the pics of the people over there, u hv their emotional & stories inside the pics...

But uh... where is the angkor wat?

Who knows said...

We only realised our happinest when saw these poor children condition..