Monday, January 11, 2010


We will be living 5 hours apart when we wake up...She will feel the day and see the dark before me. I am wondering how is she doing alone now in the airplane, does she manage to get some sleep?

I hope she will be doing fine soon, even though it is very hard for her to stay far away from her family and friends here.

Be strong, bud! I am sure the time will come where you can do whatever you wish to...Cheer up, ok?


阿呆 said...

I slept like a pig on the plane, bud...and didn't even want to have any meals. Eyes barely opened.

Don't worry about me!!!
I'm a siu keung bud, remember??

~The Mighty Blogger~ said...

siu keung bud, i know you will be fine soon...Take good care of yourself, ok?

阿呆 said...

Yes. I promise, bud. Hugzzzzzz!

~The Mighty Blogger~ said...

Hugzzzz bud!