Monday, October 29, 2007

Customer Service

I went to Midvalley last Saturday, spending almost half a day there. Window shopping, lazying around and...and of course buying something nice for myself.

Before leaving, I went to Carrefour to do some grocery shopping. I bought a few cups of yogurts, some snacks and two packs of Quaker oats for my uncle.

When I was paying at the counter, I noticed the Point of Sales machine displayed RM 11.39 for the Quaker Oats. I notified the cashier that it was displayed as RM 9.99 at the rack. After all the checking done, the cashier asked me to have my money refunded at the information counter.

I was a bit frustated at first as I need to carry two packs of oats that weighted 1.2kg each, 6 cups of yogurts and some other things and walked all the way to the information counter...

When i reached the information counter, I passed my receipt and a price tag (which was given by the cashier) to the officer on duty. In less than 5 minutes, i got my money refunded and to my suprise, they even gave me extra RM 9.99 (ie an extra pack of oat) as a note of apology.


Five fai said...

You are so luck leh... Next time has to ask you to buy DVD player so that I can get 2 players :P

~The Mighty Blogger~ said...

lol...We should try our luck then!

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